The Surroundings

The Hotel Surroundings

The rather austere facade of St. John's Cathedral

The rather austere facade of St. John’s Cathedral

The Grand Harbour Hotel is in Malta’s Capital City – Valletta, in one of the best vantage points overlooking the beautiful and breathtaking Grand Harbour. Lying approximately halfway along the Valletta peninsula, the Hotel is in an ideal location to reach all of the city and all its historic landmark sites. Valletta is a historic fortified city, started in 1566 and finished in an astonishingly short period of 15 years. A walled city with impressive bastions, forts, it’s famous Cathedral of St. John, numerous churches and chapels, it is a World Heritage City, a masterpiece of Baroque buildings and design.The Grand Harbour Hotel is in an ideal location for a stroll around the eastern perimeter of the city. Starting at the tip of the peninsula, you will encounter the recently restored St. Elmo’s Fort and the breakwater bridge, next you will come to the remembrance Bell Monument, the lower Barakka Gardens, St. Barbara Bastions, Victoria Gate and finally the breathtaking Upper Barakka Gardens. Just up the road, from the hotel one finds the immensely beautiful jewel of the city in Cathedral of Saint John and its rich museum.

Inside St Johns Co-Cathedral - A hidden jewel

Inside St Johns Co-Cathedral – A hidden jewel

Within a few hundred meters one can also find the famous Auberges, Pallazzos and numerous historic churches adorning the Capital including the beautiful Auberge de Castille which nowadays houses the office of the Prime Minister, the Grand Master’s Palace with its must-see upper chambers and the Order’s historic armoury, not to mention the numerous lovely piazzas and shaded streets of the capital. You may browse through all of historic Valletta and walk through history, with impressive buildings, niches, fountains, coats of arms or votive statues in most corners. Conversely you may choose to do a touch of shopping in the numerous outlets in the center, or just laze around and enjoy the local cuisine in any of the numerous cafes and restaurants in the city or just browse in the narrow side streets to discover a mix of old and new. Valletta, “Citta’ Umilissima” as Malta’s capital city is known is a “city built by gentlemen for gentlemen”, a living, working city, a city definitely worth visiting.

Unique views of a Valletta Street

Unique views of a Valletta Street